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In today

In today’s climate, students are asked to deliver more, in deeper detail and faster than ever before. School can easily become a pressure cooker of ever decreasing deadlines, over sized classes and ultimately of not getting the help you need. The teachers may be good, but are held back with either their administrative duties or keeping control of a class and thereby, are put in a position where they spend the bulk of their time doing other things than what they were originally trained to do.

At Academy of Global Languages, we take a very different approach. Our classes range from personal ‘one on one’ sessions to give you undivided attention and really help you work through your course curriculum, up to groups of 6.

Some people work better in groups, others work better alone. Which ever you choose, our instructors are there to help. We will sit with you, discuss what areas you feel you wish to improve and also give our own input if we feel there are any other areas that need to be addressed. We will aid you in working through your own school’s curriculum and supplement this with additional texts to enable you to learn more and faster. Sessions are always informal and conducted in the ‘tutorial’ fashion rather than a formal classroom. This allows you not only to take in more but at a deeper level and gain a greater understanding of the subject matter.

So, when exam time comes around, with our help you can be assured you will be entirely prepared.